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Disney Celebrates 100 Years of Making Dreams Come to Life

On October 16th, Disney’s worldwide fan base celebrated an incredible milestone—the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company. In 2023, Disney’s worldwide fan base is celebrating a significant milestone– the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company. Disney has been responsible for creating some of the most historical characters and magical stories. Upon the success of the characters and stories, Disney built theme parks worldwide so these stories and characters could come to life.

The Walt Disney Company, popularly known as Disney, is a global entertainment powerhouse and one of the largest media corporations worldwide. Established by Walt Disney in 1923, this iconic conglomerate has left an indelible mark on diverse sectors, from film and television to theme parks and merchandise.

Through its exceptional storytelling, unforgettable characters, and immersive attractions, Disney has firmly cemented its role as a crucial influencer in the entertainment realm, leaving an everlasting impact on the imagination and aspirations of people worldwide.

Since 1955, “The Happiest Place on Earth” has prided itself as a vacation hotspot that welcomes everyone, regardless of mobility or accessibility needs. With meticulous planning and a commitment to inclusivity, Disney World is widely recognized as one of the most wheelchair-accessible parks in the world.

All Disney parks extend from well-designed streets that are easy to navigate for wheelchair users and those who rely on mobility aids like scooters, canes, walkers, or crutches to make sure that a wide range of rides can be enjoyed to the fullest by everyone.

One of Disney’s most exceptional features for guests with disabilities is the Disability Access Service (DAS) pass. It provides special access reservation times for disabled guests, allowing them to bypass long lines.

Gaining access to the DAS pass is as convenient and accessible as it makes the experience. There’s no need for proof of disability, doctor’s notes, or other documentation. Obtaining a DAS card is straightforward, and it’s essential to note that while the card is issued to one party member, all members can enjoy the benefits of no-wait access to Park attractions.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a Disability Access Service (DAS) pass:

  1. Visit the Guest Relations Center: Head to the Guest Relations Center in the theme park to obtain the DAS pass. Look for signs or ask staff members to guide you to the specific location.

  2. Fill Out the Form: Complete the provided form with the required information. This may include basic personal details and information about the individual requiring the DAS pass.

  3. Verify your Verification: While the process typically does not demand extensive documentation, in some cases, the staff may ask for simple Verification or information to ensure the necessity of the DAS pass.

  4. Receive your DAS Pass: Once the application is processed, you will receive the DAS pass. Make sure to understand the benefits and guidelines associated with the pass. Remember that although the card is issued to one individual, the entire party can benefit from the no-wait access to Park attractions.

For more detailed information on the DAS Pass and its application process, click here before your planned visit to the park!

As we celebrate Disney and its remarkable 100-year journey, its commitment to accessibility is evident. Whether you’re in a wheelchair, require mobility aids, or have other accessibility needs, Disney World ensures that everyone can experience the magic of Disney.




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