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Chandra Smith Crowned Ms. Wheelchair America 2023

Last Saturday, Chandra Smith, the reigning Ms. Wheelchair Maryland, achieved her dreams by winning the coveted Miss Wheelchair America 2023 crown. History was made as 21 incredible women joined in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to compete in the week-long event.

Throughout the week, Chandra connected with fellow titleholders and established fresh bonds, especially with those who shared her advocacy for mobility freedom. Chandra shared, "I am truly speechless, but I'm truly inspired by the ladies who sit behind me. And, this crown represents the resilience, determination, and the spirit of the ladies...and I share this crown with them."

This event marked the 50th anniversary of Ms. Wheelchair America (MWA), an organization deeply rooted in empowerment. Dr. Philip K. Wood, the visionary behind MWA, founded it in 1972 after overcoming life-threatening injuries from a car accident. His journey led him back to medical school, where he became a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician. MWA became his platform to amplify the stories, talents, and capabilities of women who use wheelchairs.

Ms. Wheelchair America's competition preparations are already in full swing for next year's event. If you’re interested in entering and would like more details, feel free to complete the contact form here.




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