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Supporting the individualized needs of the complicated condition patient is our unwavering mission. Improving each patient’s quality of life being our ultimate focus. To support this mission of advancing patient mobility, independence, and overall well-being and care, Rehab Medical provides top of the line Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) and quality wound care products; each product and service customized to the individual’s unique, complicated and evolving needs.

The process of providing medical equipment to patients with complex conditions contains several steps and involves a number of individuals including the patient, their physician, a Therapist, an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP), your insurance provider and the many resources available from Rehab Medical. Beginning at the initial evaluation all the way to delivery of your equipment, Rehab Medical will be there through every step in the process. We understand this can be a difficult process to navigate and you have our commitment to helping patient’s attain the equipment they need.

Rehab Process

Our Patient Fit 4 U Program

Rehab Medical strives to provide exceptional patient support before and after medical equipment and services are provided. Our 30 Day Fit 4 U program is designed to ensure patients receive the right equipment and that it is perfectly fit for them. All support and service may be obtained by contacting Rehab Medical’s service center at 1-866-424-4500.

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Service & Repair

Rehab Medical’s Service and Repair Team will first attempt to resolve and troubleshoot service issues over the phone. Should further service be needed, a Service Technician will be scheduled to arrive at the patient’s home and test the equipment on site. When an item needs to be replaced or repaired, Rehab works directly with the patient’s insurance provider to ensure that repair is covered under their current plan. Repairs are then completed on site.

If replacement and repair requires ordering of parts, an additional on-site visit, etc., Rehab can offer a loaner chair while the existing one is being repaired. A 10-point inspection is completed at Rehab’s facilities to ensure all equipment is compliant, safe, and in top working condition. To fill out a service request or get your questions answered, click here.

Additional Resources


“People were very courteous and nice to me. They were understanding and knowledgeable about all of my physical problems. I would recommend them.”

“We can’t thank you enough. We will continue to work with Rehab Medical. Thank you again for all you do!”

Equipment Selection + Fitting

Our Mobility Experts will evaluate your needs based on medical condition, home environment, and life style. It is critical that our patients receive equipment that will allow safety and comfort; we will do our best to adjust as applicable post home delivery.

Service + Repair

We are committed to serving our valued customers. Our call center is open from 8:15am-6pm Monday-Friday. For your convenience messages can be left after hours. Voice messages will be responded to within 24 hours. We recognize that our patients critically rely on their equipment, and our primary focus is to repair and service rapidly. Our rehabilitation technicians are highly trained and certified to diagnose and repair all individual equipment.

Complicated Conditions. Personalized Solutions.