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Wound Care

Rehab Medical takes pride in providing top of the line wound care products such as Pneumatic Compression Devices, Cushions, Overlays, Pressure Reducing Mattresses, Advanced Wound Dressings, and Complex Seating and Positioning Equipment.

Wound Therapy Systems

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy has come to be regarded as one of the optimal treatment methods when treating chronic, acute, traumatic, sub-acute and dehisced wounds, partial-thickness burns, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, and venous ulcers, flaps and grafts.

The Nisus Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System is powerful yet portable, allowing patients the ability to achieve results while still maintaining mobility.

Pneumatic Compression Devices

Compression therapy is used for the treatment of lymphedema, venous insufficiency, non-healing wounds, post-op edema and various sports injuries.

Bio Compression System pumps — while sleek, lightweight, and extremely quiet — not only manage symptoms, but improve quality of life.

Prevention & Treatment

Advanced Wound Dressings

Advanced wound dressings are crucial for fighting infection, managing moisture levels, and protecting the wound area from outside contamination.

We work directly with multiple manufacturers in order to provide physicians and staff alike with the optimal wound dressings necessary to heal wounds.

Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair bound patients are at high risk of developing pressure ulcers due to long usage time in a wheelchair. Many are unable to feel or have the ability to offload; therefore, it is crucial to have the appropriate cushion.

Skin Protection Cushions provide therapeutic cushioning, dispersing pressure evenly to promote blood flow and assist in the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.

Support Surfaces / Specialty Mattresses

One of the most effective ways to treat and prevent pressure ulcers in the trunk and pelvis area is by utilizing a specialty mattress or support surface. For patients who suffer from immobility, selecting the correct support surface is essential.

Our wide range of mattresses — both powered and non-powered — provide optimal offloading, while giving patients a comfortable and therapeutic support surface.

Complicated Conditions. Personalized Solutions.