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Why Medicare Supplements Are a Good Idea

Article originally featured on Insopra

Health is of course a top priority that will always be of the utmost importance. That’s why it’s essential that we understand what our insurance entails and how we can fill in the gaps. The federal healthcare program known as Medicare is the coverage you become entitled for once you reach 65 years old. There are of course several stipulations, copayments, coinsurances and deductibles. That’s where Medicare supplements come in.

There are so many loopholes when it comes to healthcare insurance and it can seem overwhelming to know how to manage it all. But, hopefully, this post can help to clear some of the clouds of confusion surrounding the matter of Medicare.

How It Works

Medicare is a national insurance healthcare program. It is vital to remember that it won’t cover 100% of the costs and the beneficiary will be required to make up the rest. Medicare is a package split into different parts.

Part A relates to hospital cover- inpatient care, hospice cover and home health care services. This is the free part of the scheme mostly funded by tax payers.

Part B is the medical aspect- some outpatient visits, doctor’s services, durable medical equipment etc. This part is paid for by the recipients and partly by federal government revenues.

The costs are shouldered by the receivers as they must pay for copayments and deductibles that are a necessary payment in order to have access to a lot of the services incorporated in Parts A&B.

The general rule of thumb is that Medicare will cover 80% of the costs, leaving you to fork out the other 20%. This may not seem like a large percentage for something so menial as a trip to the doctor but it is massive when paying for something like cancer treatment.

Why a Supplement is Key

As we get older we become more and more susceptible to a wider range of illnesses and our chances of spending time in hospital increase. Our health is not something to be gambled with or flippant about. That’s why it is crucial to consider those gaps. It might not seem a pressing problem for now but who knows when then gaps will prove to have devastating consequences.

One way you can ensure that you have the most complete coverage for you is by seeking Medicare supplements so that you’ll be fully protected without any nasty surprises.

How to Find Medigap Insurance

There’s a lot of choice out there on the market, labelled under a plethora of letters and names. Although it’s a mammoth task it’s worth shopping around and seeing what extra benefits you can get, like healthcare coverage when travelling outside the US. You could ask for recommendations, speak to your doctor or see what’s online. Either which way, you’re bound to find a plan that will best befit you.

When all is said and done, we have our one life and no one should have to fret over their health, especially as you become elderly. So do your future self a favor and see that you have the best coverage arranged.


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