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Rehab Medical Launches Leadership Program

Rehab Medical is pleased to announce the launch of its L.E.A.D. program this month, which stands for Leadership Exploration and Development. 20 employees across all company divisions will participate in the 6-month program.

“We developed these two programs to enhance the current leadership skills of our employees, investing in them to ultimately invest in our company,” said Rehab Medical President Kevin Gearheart.

“We are continually committed to making Rehab Medical the best company in the industry and that comes from having the best people. To have the best people, we need to support them and give them the tools to do their job.”

The program is divided into two tracks, one for emerging leaders that consists of managers across the organization and one for Becoming a Conscious Leader.

Topics for the training sessions range everywhere from Developing a Leader’s Mindset, Holding Regular One-to-One Meetings, Managing Time and Energy, and Leading Through Change. The sessions will take place both in person and virtually through online webinars.


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