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Rehab Medical Acquires OMS Rehab

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Rehab Medical, Inc., a national Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) company, announced it has acquired OMS Rehab today. The acquisition of OMS Rehab expands Rehab Medical’s current product line of custom advanced wheelchairs and wound care products to orthotic devices.

“The acquisition of OMS Rehab diversifies the products we offer and allows us to provide more solutions for our patients,” said Rehab Medical President Kevin Gearheart. “Both companies share a common passion to improve the lives of others, so we look forward to working together to accomplish just that in the years to come.”

Rehab Medical is a provider of mobility equipment, the majority of which utilize Complex Rehab Technology. CRT is the technology of seating and positioning with one of the main outcomes being the prevention and reduction of pressure ulcers. Merging with Cork Medical, a company that manufactures products that prevent and treat pressure ulcers, will be a tremendous benefit to Rehab Medical’s patients. The deep product knowledge and expertise that Cork Medical has will greatly help Rehab Medical in its mission of improving lives. Rehab Medical will remain focused on complex rehab technology while Cork Medical will remain focused on providing wound care solutions.

Cork Medical will continue to manufacture and distribute wound care products throughout the Midwest while continuing to Partner with distributors across the United States. Since receiving FDA approval, Cork has seen thousands of patient positively impacted by the Nisus Negative Pressure device allowing non-healing wounds to be healed.

In addition to its orthotic device line, OMS Rehab also provides comprehensive training, education, service, maintenance and support to ensure a successful Therapeutic Modality Program and clinical treatment programs. The company, located in Kansas City, Mo., is a leading supplier of advanced rehabilitation equipment to long-term care facilities.

Prior to launching OMS Rehab in 2012, President Josh Boller served as a regional manager for Rehab Medical from 2006-2014. He will make his return to the company after the acquisition, taking on a new role as partner with Rehab Medical.

Rehab Medical currently operates in 24 metro markets, working directly with medical professionals and insurance providers from prescription to delivery on products such as power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, pediatric wheelchairs, and wound care products. In 2018 the company was named one of Indianapolis’ Top 25 Fastest Growing Companies by the Indianapolis Business Journal.


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