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Health insurance is commonly used to describe any program that helps pay for medical expenses. There are many different forms of health insurance and numerous plan types, most of which offer coverage for complex rehab technology and other wound care products Rehab Medical provides.


The federal health insurance program for qualified individuals provides coverage based on medical necessity. Medicare covers 80% of the cost once Rehab Medical obtains the required medical documents from your physician. We will work with your physician to obtain these documents and to ensure your eligibility. Patients must have PART B benefits.


Each state-run Medicaid program has the freedom to set unique eligibility and coverage criteria for medical benefits. The process and medical criteria varies for each state, but coverage is generally provided for those with medical need. When it is provided, it is provided at 100%.


As one of the nation’s largest power wheelchair providers, Rehab Medical has become an in-network provider for most commercial health plans. Coverage and Criteria vary by plan and Rehab Medical’s Insurance experts work with physicians and patients to gather the necessary documentation to coordinate authorizations of medical equipment.

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